Corporate massage is a way to help your staff to be more productive, reducing stress and pain caused by day-to-day work.

The massage lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and focuses on the most common areas of the body. These areas tend to be under tension from working in an office environment not necessarily because of heavy lifting but because of more repetitive tasks or your posture during the working day such as sitting in front of the computer.  The most common areas are back, shoulders, arms and hands.

The corporate massage is a chair-based massage which has been proven to be most useful in the work place.  This kind of massage is given over the top of clothes with the recipient sitting face forward in a specially adapted chair.  This massage is based on Swedish massage, giving deep massage without pain, which increases blood flow to muscles, stimulating them but also relaxing them at the same time.

Incorporating a corporate chair massage program for your employees may prove a real cost-saver for an organization.

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